• 15 years of excellent work.

    "I started seeing doctor prince when I was a minor child. He and his staff never settled for nothing less than perfection. My parents brought me to him. Now, I bring my kids to him. Thank you Dr. Prince for providing great care for 3 generations!."
    Andrew D.

Any dentist can say that they strive for patient satisfaction.

At Prince Dental, we don’t have to speak of the quality of work performed, our patients do.

See what they have to say, below.

Feedback from our patients

My 7 yr old son broke two of his bottom teeth off in a basketball game. Dr. Mike Brock referred him to Dr. Prince. He had never been there before, we called on monday morning to get appointment and they worked us in that day. I was very very pleased with his work and the staff at his office. He is now our kid's dentist. I would recommend him, highly, to anyone looking for a dentist. Thank you, Mr Marc Prince for your service

Gentle, yet professional

"After having a procedure performed by a local dentist that left me in a lot pain, I was referred to Dr. Prince. After the experience I had, I was very reluctant to have any further dental work. I overcame my fear and allowed him to fix the issues the other dentist was unable to. His office claimed they "catered to cowards," they sure do. If you want to have your teeth worked on by people who care about your comfort....Prince Dental is the place to go.
Tammy K.
Dr Prince repaired a broken filling, and he didn't skimp on time, was very much a perfectionist, and my tooth looks absolutely like the original, as if it never even had a cavity. It's amazing, if you ask me, because that was a BIG filling he had to remove. He basically re-created the tooth with not much to work with, and his shaping is so realistic.